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Sandy Levesque's presentation on how she conceived, researched, wrote and published her engaging book, "Under A Fig Tree: A Family Memoir," was a highlight of the 2010 Green Mountain Writers Conference. Ms. Levesque provided the writers attending the conference with a captivating synopsis of each step in the process, weaving snippets of her own and her family's story into her talk. Her presentation was enhanced with visuals, such as some of the original photographs that appeared in the book. She explained not only how she did her ancestral research, wrote and published the book but also how the response to the book has continued to enrich the experience for her and others who share her heritage and interest.

—Yvonne Daley, Director,
Green Mountain Writers Conference

Sandy Levesque

  Book Discussion and Signing Group
Book Discussion and Signing,
Vermont Italian Cultural Association

Your project and book were the result of so much genuine love and passion for the story of life. Your extraordinary journey came through so strongly. It was an inspiration to all of us. I hope you continue to combine both the process talk with the family narrative for others to enjoy.

—Brent Bjorkman, Executive Director,
Vermont Folklife Center

The material you chose to use about the process of writing, structuring, and publishing one's work was spot-on. As a teacher, I could not have asked for a more thorough discussion of memoir writing if I had outlined and handed the presentation to you myself.

—Kim Gifford, Adjunct Faculty,
Lebanon College, NH

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