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Under A Fig Tree is Sandy Levesque's family memoir, spanning three generations from Sicily to Vermont while providing an intimate account of the immigrant experience. Sandy enjoys sharing the process of memoir writing and discussing her book with others. To arrange a reading and book discussion, or a presentation on memoir writing, contact Sandy.

A family history that simply traces one's ancestors may be of interest only to that family. But "Under A Fig Tree" is interesting to others because it transcends the strictly biographical and becomes emblematic. In reading about the Scafidi family you learn about the thousands of other families with different names who followed similar routes on their way to becoming Americans. Sandra Levesque's book is a model that others can follow to understand their place in the world.

—Gaetano Cipolla, Editor
Sicilia Parra, the newsletter of ARBA SICULA, Inc.,
an international organization promoting
the language and culture of Sicily.

The magic of memoir occurs when a personal story touches upon or parallels that of a wider audience. It's as if the writer's story becomes the reader's. Sandra Levesque has accomplished that bit of literary magic in her family memoir, "Under A Fig Tree." Levesque tells a personal story, yet it echoes the experiences of so many who emigrated to America from Europe.

—Chuck Clarino, Staff Writer, Vermont Sunday Magazine

"Under A Fig Tree" has emerged as a remarkable book that is detailed and informative without being tiresome, and lovingly written without being mawkish. It will intrigue anyone who has emerged from the dual culture of an immigrant experience. It's the sort of book that more people should write regarding their own heritage.

—Chris Costanzo, Contributing Writer, The Herald of Randolph

Sandy Levesque's beautiful and touching memoir recounts how her family and neighbors pursued the American dream while maintaining their own language and traditions. Levesque includes family photographs and recipes in her book, and it concludes with a lovely poem by Maria Maziotti Gillan entitled "Black Dresses", remembering Rutland's Italian grandmothers and the "music of a time when the world was small enough to carry in their hands."

—Vermont Public Radio Commentary by Tom Slayton,
Editor Emeritus Vermont Life Magazine

Sandy Levesque, Author
Sandy Levesque
Randolph, Vermont


Senza famigllia, non sei niente.

Without family,
you are nothing.

—Sicilian Proverb

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